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Welcome to Smart Starters

"Smart Start with PMP" is a unique Australian Perceptual Motor Program for five to seven year olds.

It comprises 200 sequential activities in the form of two sets of cards, Starter Activity Cards and Extension Activity Cards, a Manual for Teachers, classroom Language Followup Activity Sheets, Floor Session Plans, parent support material, movement / music CD's and a Screen Test.

The Smart Start Program is not a remedial program but is intended as a school based program to be conducted with all 5-7 year olds in the first three years of formal schooling. Classes of up to 30 students are given experiences at five different activities each session. One station each session is "eye tracking". The other four stations are planned to include one of the motor outcomes plus a perception outcome and a skill outcome so that every area of the Outcomes Model is covered every session. Schools generally tend to conduct three sessions per week of which one is a Floor Session and the other two are Equipment Sessions. However, the more often the program is conducted the faster the skills develop.

The Therapy Dog resources have been developed to assist with the introduction of programs and activities to use with Therapy dogs in school settings.

Smart Starters